Flee Fly Flown

Lillian and her flirtatious friend Audrey resent the restrictive world of Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home with its endless pills, overly friendly staff, and rigid schedules. “I eat when they tell me, sleep when they tell me, play bingo when they tell me,” says Lillian. “Jeez, I even have a poop when they tell me.”

When Lillian is told by her daughter Carol that she can’t attend the graduation ceremony for her granddaughter Siobhan, Lillian and Audrey hatch a plot to escape from Tranquil Meadows, “borrow” a car, and spend their hastily planned vacation time driving to destinations west. The seniors aren’t fully aware of the challenges they will face. All they know is that the warm days of August call to them, and they need to escape the routines of nursing home life…and get to the graduation ceremony in time.

Based on the award-winning novel by Janet Hepburn.